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My name is Lies van Huet. I have been a ceramist since 1980. I gained a lot of knowledge and craftsmanship by years of experience and additional courses. I learned to throw earthenware, stoneware and porcelain clay at home and abroad, among others with Geert Schreuder, Douglas Phillips, Kees Hoogendam, Johan Broekema, Paulien Ploeger, Joop Crompvoets. I also became skilled in handbuilding and Raku, an ancient Japanese firing technique. My studio is in the former prison – in the mean time cultural heritage – Blokhuispoort, in the capital of Friesland, Cultural Capital 2018 of Europe, Leeuwarden. There I have a spacious and bright workspace and course room. Member of NVK Nederlandse Vakgroep van Keramisten and SKNN Stichting Keramisten Noord Nederland.

Art, Applied Art, Tableware

I make both art, applied art and utensils of stoneware, porcelain and raku. The utensils are unique because I always strive to add a personal touch to each object

With the objects of art I get inspired by emotions and social context. I also do commissioned work. For this I start to work on a design together with the client. The new Frisian Museum in the city of Leeuwarden, opened on September 13, 2013, has got work of mine, the Claystool. My study of pedagogics helps to transfer my enthusiasm and expertise in the field of clay; I am a certified teacher. Since 2011 I am an officially accredited placement company for vocational education. For that purpose I have given courses and workshops for many years with great pleasure. Welcome!

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