Reminiscence pot for labrador


Last June, our Labrador deceased after 15,5 years, a great loss to me and my parents.
To keep him in our midst we wanted to have something special. It had to be two similar reminiscence pots, one for my parents and one for myself. In this way he could still be with me and with them. With a clear picture and idea in mind we went searching for a potter and soon found Lies Ceramics. We explained our story to her and discussed our ideas.
From the start Lies was really enthusiastic, understanding and full of ideas. She said that if it was up to her, the reminiscence pots had to be produced in a typical Japanese way i.e. Raku fired. We feel closely connected to the Japanese culture and thus her idea became extra special.
Lies uses a characteristical and unique way to lock her reminiscence pots and by this we came up with the idea to use Japanese chopsticks as a lock. She explained to us how the pots were made ​​and asked if we wanted to attend the process. In this way we could witness that the reminiscence pots are not two exact copies although they are produced in the same way. This is far from a daily routine to us and for Lies it would be the first time that she allowed people to attend this process.
Therefore we felt it was an honor to attend the process and the result has really become very special.
Lies Ceramics, thanks for this great experience, your understanding and a beautiful final result.
We can recommend everyone to come and visit Lies Ceramics !!
the Mud family


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Reminiscence pots

Reminiscence pot for labrador
Brown | White Rose
Sandcolour | Driftwood | Parrotfeathers
Blue | Parrotfeathers
Blue | Driftwoods | Gems
White | Silver Rose
White | Silver 'lock'

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