Norah's birthday-party

Hello Annigje and Margriet,

Thanks again for Norah’s wonderful birthday party last Saturday. The kids enjoyed it and look forward to the results. I also grant hereby that you publish the photos. I would also like to be kept informed about the children’s course you were talking about. Thanks in advance!

Regards, Ilse and Norah Siccama

January 16, 2017


Had a very nice clay workshop at Lies Ceramics together with my mother. Lies had all the time for us and gave expert instructions to make sure that our juice jug did not break down in the kiln.Lies keeps an eye on the clock, which is certainly necessary because  you tend to forget all your surroundings whenever you are busy with clay work.

Highly recommended.

Hanneke en Janneke




Wonderful bowl

Hello Lies,

Today I received the Jubilee bowl because of my 25th jubilee at the MCL. I am very happy with it! Particularly the idea behind it appeals to imagination. Thank you very much for creating it.


Wenda Veenstra


Wonderful light

40 years working in education and I got this beautiful lamp as a gift from my dear colleagues. The globe is made of Limoges porcelain clay and the blue disc is made of stoneware clay. The lamp is made by Lies van Huet; thank you Lies, I enjoy it enormously and it looks great at home. A nice memory of my 40th jubilee.


A special afternoon

Herewith the picture as a testimony of our special afternoon. The afternoon was scheduled to spend with our terminally ill friend, unfortunately she did not make it till the afternoon and she passed away way too soon.

In remembrance of her, we went and attended the workshop. Reminisce the good things.

Lies Thanks

Su-Elle and her mother

Hi Lies!

When my mother's birthday was about to come, I did not really know what I wanted to give her. I would like to do something special that was not easily forgotten. After some browsing on the internet I came across the website of Lies, where I found the nice idea of ​​a mother-daughter workshop. This seemed to me a beautiful gift that both of us will always remember.

The workshop was nice, cozy and very informative. It was interesting to hear Lies tell about the things she created and it was super cool to model something yourself that you can keep forever. You do not have to worry about your modeling abilities, Lies is super helpful and has lots of great examples at hand. My mother and I both decided to make a jug. In the bottom we could put a symbol for each other. I found it a very nice idea that this symbol will always be hidden in there.

I'm glad I could share this experience with my mother. If you want to do something special together, this is highly recommended!

Regards, Su-Elle :)



Hi Lies,

The plates have arrived safely and I am very pleased with them. The reactions are very positive indeed. It surprises me that the plates are noticed by many people. That’s very nice, isn’t it?

Regards, Esther Verhagen


Kids Party Britt

Recently had a kids party at Lies Ceramics in the lovely location of
"the Blokhuispoort".
My daughter turned 12 and wanted to do pottery with her friends.
Highly recommended to do so with Lies and Annigje!
With great patience and caring, the kids crafted and fired fantastically.
We, the parents, even could have some delicious coffee in the adjacent
eatery 'de Bak'.
A great day!!

Karin Spruyt

Raku workshop 5th and 12th september 2015

Hello Lies,

Thanks for the pictures! I've enjoyed it. I have no improvements. There was enough room for questions etc. Price - quality is fine. I'll let you know if I sign in for April or for September.

Regards, Marijke



Magnificent ending of our 'party'.

We celebrated our 45 year marriage during a long weekend in Friesland with children and grandchildren. To complete this, we had booked a workshop ‘ceramics’ at Lies van Huet who would provide for a lunch afterwards. It was, after a warm reception by Lies and Annigje, a magnificent ending of our 'party'!

The ten of us were crafting a lot, and we almost became skilled ‘potters’. And during the excellent lunch in the restaurant located opposite the studio, we were able to enjoy even furthermore.

It was very informative, and above all great fun. Thanks very much for this.
Family Hokken.


Storehouse in red

For my husband I was looking for a house of ceramics for his new office. He is a real estate agent, so I found a house quite appropriate. After some internet research I came to the Lies Ceramics website. This site really appealed to me and I made an appointment right away. This was a pleasant conversation and Lies soon realized what I had in mind. She started to work enthusiastically. I could not wait to see the result. A beautiful storehouse  in a red clay type. My husband was pleasantly surprised. The unique artwork got a special place on the mantelpiece. Lies thank you very much!
Anneke Lageveen

Kids pottery party

It was a super afternoon in an inspiring, creative and relaxed environment. The kids enjoyed it tremendously. A few reactions of the kids in the car on the way back home ... ‘I thought it was a very nice party, and we could produce many things ', 'Throwing a bowl I liked most, but it was not  easy.’ ‘Fortunately, the female supervisor demonstrated it first.’ ‘I found it exciting at the wheel.’ ‘Soon I will have my own teacup.’ The supervision was very good. The grip while throwing your own pot and guidance during all other clay projects. The children worked enthusiastically, and were sorry that they had to stop. In short, a great place for a wonderful,  lovely, original and above all,  creative kids party, Lydia

The book club

Workshop ceramics. The book club from Millingen did a creative, inspiring workshop on 8 February in her studio. Lies gives clear explanations about the material and about the possibilities. She is very able to encourage us and to bring out our creativity. Everyone had the feeling: hey, can I do that? Creating touchstone balls and / or tea light holders and to our surprise, decorated each other’s pieces with a personal touch! Lies, superb! We are looking forward to our results when they come out of the kiln! Thanks for the lovely afternoon, Marianne

Mother daughter workshop

My sister and I gave our mom a ceramics workshop as a gift. What we were going to do exactly was still a surprise, but Lies was certainly very enthusiastic. We were very curious about what to expect. Saterday, 14 December finally arrived. Lies was already waiting for us with aprons and a pack of clay. In order to get used to clay we started making a touchstone ball. Then we started on a bigger work of clay. This work was pimped with a personal addition the others. That makes this workshop so much fun! For us this was a lovely and successful mother-daughter workshop. In this way you'll grow a little closer together. We would definitely recommend this workshop. Regards Marjolein 

(Girl-) friends workshop

Did the ceramics workshop with three friends at Lies van Huet’s. In a nice, lovely and casual atmosphere, we’ve been actively creative. The personal touch at the end should suit you, but in our case it was a direct hit and very special! I thought time was flying, we already ran out of time and as far as I’m concerned, it could have lasted some 30 minutes longer. Perhaps a tip: we all thought creating the temple was very nice. Maybe it's a good thing to let the group choose. That there are two options, for instance, or to communicate this in advance. Luckily, for us it was a very nice option. We had a very lovely afternoon and look forward to the results. Thanks again! :) Regards, Karlijn

Kids pottery party

Saturday, 2  November  we had a kids ‘pottery' party at Lies van Huet’s studio in the former jail Blokhuispoort. After a call and some clear explanation on what was going to happen, we came into a lovely and  snug room with wonderful, homemade artwork. After some explanation by Lies, we started. Everyone at the wheel, making your own cup and a nameplate. Half way through, some lemonade with all sorts of treats! After 3 weeks we could pick our own creations, which will be a lovely memory forever. We had a wonderful afternoon. Price quality, thumbs up!! Signed by Manon Roemer

Mother daughter workshop

The mother-daughter workshop at Lies’ was for my mother and me as well, an intense experience. Where words are sometimes hard to find to express what you want to tell the other, was now realized through our hands in a personal work of clay. Lies taught us the technique of building  ‘pinchpots’ in an enthusiastic way and gave tips and tricks for further decorating. Lies is a very warm and loving person, thank you for this day with a golden lining! Ypie Kinderman 

Kids pottery party

A very successful party, nicely creative and each child gets personal attention! Throwing pots was the highlight go and throw... with hands in clay and water ... and meanwhile think of how do I want my bowl to be! Tip: Draw your design in advance ..for a child that finds claying difficult find a good alternative to draw? The planning was good although there was one extra child. Next to an imaginary animal,  creating your own dish or cup is also great because they can do or keep something in it. It is possible to combine this with a guided tour in the Blokhuispoort (missed opportunity for me) The children were very curious about it afterwards. I think this could be, also for the parents, a nice combination.. as far as we are concerned and the reactions of the children, a successful party to give. Annet de Jong

(Girl-) friends workshop

We had a nice, pleasant, relaxing and inspiring afternoon. Besides our hands, our minds were also positively put to work. Sincerely, Jeannette and Ingrid

Mother daughter workshop

Fleur and I enjoyed it very much. A pleasant, friendly atmosphere and in the meantime enjoying spending time. It’s all very enjoyable!! Of course we are also looking forward to our result, lol! Also nice as a memory of our day together! Your method, I think, is really just the way you are and want to be. Close to yourself and not judging other people. You really succeeded in that as far as I am concerned!! Annet Groenestijn


Maaike's Bachelorette

Herewith the picture we took last saterday.

The party was very successfull. Maaike enjoyed it very well so did we. We are looking forward at the results.

Bye bye, Kristien en Anneke

Blue-white walltableau

Blue-white walltableau. Lies van Huet made a 'painting' from wonderful ceramic artpieces on our mantelpiece. We commissioned her to create a ceramic tableau that would match the Delft blue tiles on our mantelpiece. Instead of creating a massive overall (which could easily be the case with ceramics), is turned out to be a flexible, almost transparent composition.

On a porcelain surface, personal fragments are attached with silver threads. The composition may vary but it will always tell 'our' story.

we are very pleased with it.

Johan en Fokje Dalstra 

Mother and daughters workshop


Ceramics workshop at Lies van Huet’s on Saterday, 16 February 2013. Each year we select a joint activity to spice up our sistersday, next to having coffee, shopping and food. This year we choose for a ceramics workshop. None of us had ever done this before, so we just let it happen. Lies’ studio is in de Blokhuispoort , the former prison. In itself this is a very nice place. We were welcomed with coffee/tea and a treat. A short tour of the studio and explanation on clay and applied techniques. The necessities were there, and after a brief explanation of Lies on the technique to apply, we could start right away . First we made a hollow touchstone  ​​and then a bowl. The bowl is made with the same technique as the touchstone, a nice exercise in advance, and we passed it on to the person next to us. Idea behind this: the person next to me adds something to my bowl that shows the link between us . That may be something symbolic . My mother made us all a link that she put at the edge of the bowl . She thus symbolized that she is the linking pin between her daughters and daughters-in-law. My little sister made a star on the rim of my sister’s bowl with which she wanted to indicate that she can make people shine. I got a weightlifting weight (no idea how to describe it otherwise) from my sister on the rim of my bowl to indicate she thinks I am powerful. My sister-in-law put a music note on my sister’s bowl because she likes singing. And thus we all five, had the same yet very own and unique bowl at the end of the workshop. The time flew by. We all five agreed that it had been a very pleasant, creative and relaxing workshop. Lies responds to the group of people she works with, by which the workshop just gets that little bit of extra, Andrea van der Ploeg


Bowls for breakfast

Hi Lies,

Paul picked up the bowls at your daughter's. They are very beautiful, I'm very happy with them, exactly like I had in mind. Paul likes  them too. Our picture in the attachment, 2 weeks ago in the underground in Paris. Now you know who eats from your bowls.
Thank you, Ute Wohlmutter, Amsterdam 

Mother daughter workshop

Last Saturday my mother and I had a  mother-daughter workshop at Lies’ Ceramics. We did the workshop in her lovely studio in the Blokhuispoort, where we were heartily welcomed with a cup of coffee and a muffin. After a short introduction, we  immediately started to work on our own touchstone of clay. We both immediately loved to work with clay. To be occupied in an intense and pleasant way. Besides the touchstone, we made a dish ​​and we put symbols on each other’s dish. We both had a very successful and enjoyable afternoon. I became so enthusiastic that I signed up for the course!  Once again thank you very much, Lies! Making pottery is a wonderful craft! Petra

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