Kids Parties

Kids pottery party in jail

Fancy a kids party? It’s possible in the Blokhuispoort. The Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden hasn’t been a prison for a long time now. It is currently a lively Centre of Art. Here art is made, art is sold and there are workshops for young and old.

I do kids parties where kids dressed in real jail aprons, can be wonderfully creative. There is no need for experience or talent. Every child is able to do some modeling. And I take care of the expert supervision. In order to give each kid enough attention, the maximum group size is eight for the kids parties. Afterwards the works of clay are fired and glazed. When this has been done, parents can come, collect and distribute them. Responses show that kids are only too happy and proud to show their work pieces of art at home. You can choose from:

Special jailhouse-party € 145,-

  • demonstration of throwing on the wheel.
  • throwing your own pot
  • hand modeling a fantasy animal / nameplate in clay and decorate it.
  • lemonade with a treat.
  • duration: 2 hours
  • All works of clay will be fired and glazed

Special and exclusive jailhouse-party € 175

  • Demonstration  of throwing on the wheel
  • Throw your own pot on the wheel
  • Decorating a porcelain piggy bank
  • lemonade with a treat
  • The porcelain piggy bank will be glazed
  • duration: 2 hours

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