I once bought a book about the modeling of facing bricks. For it appeals to me, my own facing brick. Not until we moved to the north of Friesland, we found a house matching with that. Now just only make one. I read the book again and it seemed a piece of cake to me. But some way or another, it didn’t work. Until I happened to walk into Lies van Huet’s studio. On a whim, I asked if it was possible to make a facing brick during one of her summer weeks. That was possible, so I registered on the spot, took part in a five-day course, and did what I always wanted: putting my own design into a stone. It is now ready and decorates our house. I can say for certain: without Lies that would never have happened. Then the stone would undoubtedly have cracked inside the kiln, because how could I know how to build up something like this in clay? So I learned a lot in those days: how to set up your design in clay, how to properly distribute the weight, how to precisely tap every tiny airbubble out of the clay. And also how you add a personal touch to a design. Learned it all from Lies! Just watch!  Greetings Marie-Louise

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