Su-Elle and her mother

Hi Lies!

When my mother’s birthday was about to come, I did not really know what I wanted to give her. I would like to do something special that was not easily forgotten. After some browsing on the internet I came across the website of Lies, where I found the nice idea of ​​a mother-daughter workshop. This seemed to me a beautiful gift that both of us will always remember.

The workshop was nice, cozy and very informative. It was interesting to hear Lies tell about the things she created and it was super cool to model something yourself that you can keep forever. You do not have to worry about your modeling abilities, Lies is super helpful and has lots of great examples at hand. My mother and I both decided to make a jug. In the bottom we could put a symbol for each other. I found it a very nice idea that this symbol will always be hidden in there.

I’m glad I could share this experience with my mother. If you want to do something special together, this is highly recommended!

Regards, Su-Elle 🙂

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